Sarcasm in Synchronicity 

Remember your roots, she tells me-

To remember the roots that stretch through the depths of me from past ’til now.

From time that is constant and all the same,

Time that slips but still remains.

Remember your roots, she tells me with particular concern-

For there I will heal the damaged ends bristled with pain.

A touch of my care to quench the thirst of love I yearn.

by: Bekah Turney

Roots to Leaves

How we feel about ourselves shows through our every day life: from how we’re dressed, the conditions of our living space, the friends we choose to the very attitude we possess. We display the amount of love we have for ourselves everyday out for the world to see just by how we are living. When you look at yourself, how are you living? And why?

My whole life I have dealt with a feeling of not being good enough. It has been to the point where I only see myself, everything I do in every moment has been judged by me, and I don’t see the world and everyone around me for who they are and what reality truly is. I have dealt with an intense amount of anxiety where I have placed judgement on myself so harshly that I created a false sense of who I am for others around to see as “perfect.” I felt who I really was could never keep up or fulfill the image of perfection that was always “expected” of me to be. From years of this inner torment and abuse I not only created a world of illusion, but I had prevented myself from sharing with others the worth and beauty of my soul I never knew existed until now. I’ve decided to change the way I think completely- I am transforming my roots. Does this stir up any familiar feelings within you? Like a pit that weighs a ton in your stomach and your chest as it cries out, that’s me! This decision is not simple of course, it’s a process, and a process requires patience and, yes, time. But what has only been a couple of years feels like a huge amount of growth for me. And that is from consistency and perceverance. Self growth is possible for everyone.

In other words I decided to take the road less traveled. I felt shame and I recognized it for what it truly was. I don’t confuse my emotions any longer, or make excuses as to why I should keep them forever as my fate, because I made a conscious choice not to. I have decided to do what is best for me- so I felt the shame that has tormented me inside my gut for as long as I can remember, back to my childhood, I allowed it in and acknowledged it’s existence, because it was there and there was no hiding it or excusing the poisonous feeling. What is the point of dancing around truth? Just to dance around it some more and more and be overcome with exhaustion. Or should I set myself free? –

The day I set myself free was the day I acknowledged my emotions AS THEY ARE. How can it be so simple as to feel your emotions as they are? There are times where we don’t even know what emotion is ours or we feel pressured by an emotion we think we should feel. Start with what’s apparent. You angry? Take a second to feel that anger. Then ask yourself what got you so mad. Distract your overtemperment and surrender your self judgement by looking in as an observer and ask yourself questions. Create a sense of purpose for yourself by finding the root of the issue, and possibly try looking at it as a meaningful game for yourself where you play detective and it’s all about you and taking care of your needs. Asking yourself questions is an act of self love. And if you feel like you aren’t there, that you’re at a place where self love is too far off the spectrum for you, you’re not alone. So, know that every act of self exploration taken is loving yourself, it’s a step closer and closer to knowing your soul which in its true essence is love.

Life is literally a playground – a beautiful playground with endless things to learn, and it is through learning how we grow. There is never a point reached in the life we live on earth where we cannot learn anything more. So, then why not play? Why not revel in the fact that we are here for a purpose, to learn and grow into our true authenticity. We are here to find our way back to the core of who we are, that we are all connected and where we come from is the source of all love, the creator, our God or whatever you claim.

What is the point of all this self love talk? Many of us have thought, giving of ourselves and loving others is what God asks of us, or , giving to others is just what I morally believe and how I was raised- so that alone gives us no motivation to look within for what we already have, but all the motivation to look to outward sources for what cannot make us whole or make fit of the puzzle piece that is uniquely made for us individually and that is also separated by us in the first place of our own accord- through childhood and what we were taught we “should” be. Are we giving because we want to help others truly through the love and happiness of our hearts or do we want to be accepted by others? Or are we inspired by both? It is not possible for us to be capable of helping and loving others if we are not right inside of ourselves first. We are all projectors of the way we feel about ourselves. So, loving ourselves is loving others. The more we care and nurture ourselves, the more we do that for others. It causes a ripple effect. When we see the love we are inside, we see it in others and treat them accordingly. We then have clear vision of the truth we can then light the way for others to experience the same for themselves. Why do I sit here and write messages for those who may possibly read This? Because I’ve seen a light within myself and I want you, reader, to know you have it too and that it’s beautiful. So unique and so beautiful. I see it, I feel it- in me and in all of you.
What inspires you in someone else is what you already possess within you. The light that flickers within, that admiration, the spark to a potential flame are the capabilities and power you wield within yourself ready to be ignited and grown into a blazing fire. Growing to know and love ourselves more helps us to realize we are the love that which we seek, the talent we strive to be, the knowledge we wish to attain- we are.

It starts with a little seedling from a tree. This seed is unique from the rest, and so on and so forth for all the others. They fall down to the ground at different times in different ways. They all have a purpose to drop and grow at the pace and accordance fit for them. They are each different but same in beauty. As for every person here on earth. So we plant our seed, some sooner some later, we grow at the speed meant for us, and it all works together as a whole, meant to be- each encounter, embrace, sorrow, joy; all in perfect cadence for our greater good and achievement. Each moment has meaning each moment holds value and a lesson to learn about ourselves and all as a whole.
I love you all. Please keep reaching through the branches of your beautiful soul.

A Night In My Branches

It’s a rare occasion sometimes, to pull back the layers of junk created in one’s life: junk we grew up raised to believe, layer after layer of society’s expectation of us being smoothed down with a spreading knife, and look into that peeled back space to see what lies beneath.

When I happen upon that rare occasion I find something remarkable, something impossible to fully describe in words. What I experience is something beautiful beyond measure and beyond my current understanding. I sit baffled rather and in disbelief, and then I come into total trusting belief that what I see is possible, what I see is me- I see love, I feel love and I am love. In those moments I ask myself these questions every time, “Why don’t I always feel this way?” to “Why don’t I see this clearly all of the time?” And on that very same night of this realization I then go on as I normally do- I close my eyes to go to sleep, and by morning it’s as if the layers were pressed back down again and I move on as if that moment I had never existed. That is until that next rare occasion something wakes me up again and peels back those heavily caked on layers I’m so accustomed to.

This time I spiritually woke up from my daughter hugging my neck very tightly. I was telling her to let go because it was bed time. She cried and looked very sad as I was leaving the room and her sister rustled in her bed next to hers. I went into the kitchen and popped some food in the microwave, and then made my way to the living room to sit down and eat. I remembered the charger for my phone was in the room so I decided to pop back in very briefly to grab it, hoping not to cause a commotion. As I opened the door my youngest says from her crib, “Boo!” I laughed as I walked in. I then heard my oldest from her bed chuckle deep in her throat. So I made my way over one more time for hugs and kisses after grabbing my charger. I got down by my oldest and I smothered her with hugs and kisses. She then starts telling me, “You make me so happy, you really do love me. I miss you, momma.” Her words flooded out like a constant current of overwhelming emotion. I knew she was tired, but I could feel an emotion she had missed sharing with me, and that was love. It was in that moment I saw what was really important. It was in that moment she peeled back one of my layers and showed me what I had forgotten from all the hustle and bustle and stress I put onto my shoulders- she showed me what has always rested within me. It was in that moment my daughter reminded me how important it is to love, to be love and to recognize within us that love is who we truly are.
So I lied there a while and I held her back. I told my mind to shut up and I listened to my heart say stay. I gave my daughter something she truly missed and what she and all of us need. Love. In that moment my job that I have did not matter, the dirty clothes growing in the laundry basket did not matter, the tasks I know I have to do the next day did not matter, attending the world of social media on my phone as a passer-by of time and a distraction of my responsibilities (the very thing I intended to do by going back in the room to grab my charger) didn’t matter. What mattered was that moment, the love that consumed us, and the truth of who we as people truly are. What I saw was: she is my daughter, she needs me, she learns from me, she is my responsibility and I love her more that words can express. She and I, we help each other grow. And I saw the same as I turned around to my youngest and I looked into her fiery, familiar eyes- eyes that speak to me on many deep levels as well.
To you my friends: Embrace the moments that your layers peel back and you can see in clearly to your soul and your purpose- who it is you truly are. And after you wake up that next morning when you’re most vulnerable to the torment of the day’s possibilities ahead, remind yourself what it is that truly matters and how important it is to recognize it within yourself and share that very thing every single day. That thing is Love. It is you. It is us.
My love to you all, Keep reaching through the branches of your soul,

My Peculiar Dream #2


I was among people that came and went. There weren’t any in particular I knew or payed much attention to as we went in passing. The building I roamed about in was dim, cold and wet. There were dark areas in many places. I could tell it was night outside as I looked out a nearby window. Everything seemed to flow in a cycle- it always does. I had a feeling of familiarity when it came to what I was doing, how and where I walked about, like muscle memory. I knew in a sense I was dreaming as I picked up on familiar dream patterns I have, knowing of what is supposed to or what is to certainly happen.  This made me ready to change my rhythm, to move in a different way. I looked around and recognized the room I was in was quite large with many random stairs and isles to walk through. The ceiling was very tall with not much light. I looked at the door to the room that was closed and I felt something grow closer and closer to it. I got the feeling of a ravenous presence grew more and more as I inched closer to the door. It felt familiar and not enough to pinpoint, but I knew who this presence was. It held a rage that boiled and spilled over the closer it got to its target – me. My hand was now on the knob of the door. I knew if I opened it up I could possibly be eaten alive or this thing could be consoled by my love and guided to the light.

I turned the knob with optimism, my expectations high, well aware of the possibilities. But I loved this dangerous creature. I felt care for it deep in my heart, so I pursued. Crisp cold air rushed in and prickled my skin as I stared into a pitch dark hallway. I was chilled with anticipation as the uncontrollable force boiled over in the near distance. I knew it was staring at me. It plunged out of nothing into the dim light of the room I was in as I quickly dodged it. Speedily it barreled in and lost balance hitting a wall. It was a lion. Big, hungry and ready to take apart anything in its path, and me as its main target. But I knew it was time to face this beast instead of hide. But to have a chance to calm this beast I had to survive, so I created a diversion as we ran through the building. I tried to not let my fear overtake my compassion as the lion ripped through to its kill. I told it, “You don’t have to do this, you can stop this.” But we continued as we made our way out into the streets of the town. The lion bounced and plummeted through cars and wooden stands, and followed me into a home with a long windy hallway. I climbed to the top of the stairs and reached the last room of the house. I truly feared my life at this point, for the lion was still after me with nothing to lose. I looked at the window to my right and quickly opened it. I was ready for the escape as if it was already set in stone. The wind flowed in and blew the curtains around me as I looked back to see the lion creep itself into the room. I was ready to jump but caught sight of the lions eyes. Their familiar essence paralyzed me. My fright that I felt had overtaken me began to vanish and I slowly walked away from the windows ledge to face this beast. I could feel it battle its uncontrollable rage as it saw my pure love flow into its eyes. Its need to devour subsided as I gently touched its face, my fingers intertwined in its mane.

I drew my face closer to speak to it clearly, “I love you. You are me. I accept you. It is okay.” I spoke this to it through my eyes with no words. Its body and energy shifted, and its eyes softened in surrender. I brushed my hands along its back, calming any remaining nerves that were on edge. “Let’s ride together,” I said in my mind. I felt the lion agree, so I climbed on and we began to ride. Down the stairs and to the street. The dark of the night began to lighten into day. We were one and we loved each other for who we truly were.


Thank you for reading and experiencing such an amazing dream I had. If you don’t already, pay attention to your dreams and write them down. As they may be telling you something important to heal the wounds inside of  you. My love to you all!!

❤ Bekah.

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From the Ground Up – And 5 Things That Make Life Easier


     I am here for a reason- and that is to help those who are where I was at not too long ago, and to help those who want to see themselves as true holders of light, to better themselves and learn their truth and the truth about the universe/God/what is all, etc. It’s what I strive for every moment of my life now and want to share with all of you who are willing and open to receive, and only so if it resonates with you. I’m coming out and saying it- I’m pulling back the veil to reveal who I truly am. I have no labels, I just am.

I am going to be vulnerable with you. I’m going to share with you how I started to and continue to climb out of what to me seemed an eternal pit of depression. I am not trying to place blame on anyone or look for sympathy. My goal is to connect with you and show you through my story how I found strength within myself, that I felt at the time, with sincerity, did not exist inside any space of my being- My story is about the progression of me, my journey and my spiritual growth, as we all are on our own spiritual path and journey unique to ourselves. No one is better or lesser than any other, but equal and all connected through spirit- a spirit made up of love in its true essence. Like I said, I do not put labels on myself anymore. My faith and way of life is my own, I am simply growing every day to know the truth of who I am and the truth of this world and of God, the universe that we live in through what resonates with me and my knowledge and intuition. I hope that I inspire and uplift you with my truth, to help you strive to be a better version of yourself every day in your own way. I love you all so much.

–    ~~~~~~     –    ~~~~~~     –     ~~~~~~     –    ~~~~~~     –     ~~~~~~     –     ~~~~~~     –

It starts off with a soul swirling about my womb, unknown and a mystery to us all. Will it be a boy, will it be a girl? I do not yet know. Then I finally see the definition of the growing fetus it chose; it’s a girl. Now there is more bonding between the two of us, we are on a new level of intimacy. She is then placed into my arms after the shock of my first child birth. Her face couldn’t be more perfect it seemed. She was born into security. She was held by arms that had the utmost faith that everything was going to be okay. She had a family. She was surrounded by love. “Mommy, daddy, baby,” she always told her dad and I. She played with her toys in groups of three like so. The three of us were the center of her colorful world, it was all she knew. At the age of 3 her world was ripped of the trio in a surprising pull- a page turned of her perfect adventure, flat and unseen pressed against the cover of the book she intricately designed and that was influenced by me. Our eyes saw this idea of a perfect life, but what was hidden behind this delusion was dysfunctional passiveness and a lack of communication. This resulting in a long built resentment we knew was there but hid well from each other, even ourselves.

By this time, the once sweet little one and only child had a sister who was barely turning 5 months. The constant question that buzzed from her lips was, “Where did he go?” and “why did he leave?” All I could tell that head full of thick, brown hair, was that we are not the reason why he left, he left because he chose a life without us. – I am not sure if her young frazzled mind understood, and to be honest, at that time I didn’t even understand what it was I told her. I didn’t realise that I also chose a life without him as well. I just knew that in time when we heal from these shocking fresh open wounds we would then gain a clarity and understanding as to why certain things happen the way they do in our lives. 

The page to our book lie empty. The silence then shook the house from room to room paining every nerve and the slightest occurrence of a happy thought that would start to take form.  Soon we had to leave our home and that was the most painful part of all. Though all of their father’s absence, the girls and I made it a home together. But the security blanket had then been removed from our eyes and we were placed into an ugly truth of the reality we lived in. The truth creeping up until it burst, splattering its artwork on our freshly turned page. Where do I take you girls now? Where do we go?

With nowhere to go someone close to me took us in. Even with a full house they welcomed us in and helped me through the difficult process of separation and divorce. I held onto them as my support and my rock during this time where I was full of grief. It was tough though, all of us living in one place. The more time passed while living together, I was taken back into my childhood and wrought with inferiority, I felt, once again. The space being limited and watching out for toes as we passed on through each day, I then created assumptions of those around me, revolving the world around myself as the ultimate guilty person, responsible for everyone’s misfortune, and added to an atmosphere of passive aggression. I believed I was never a good enough mother, always overstepped. I didn’t place the proper boundaries with my children and I because I felt unworthy to set them and unworthy to have a voice of my own. Also, the dreadful thought of a failed marriage made me believe I was unworthy of being loved- this then added to years of torment of other types of pain I endured in my younger adolescent years that were again brought to the forefront of my mind. I began down a descending spiral of depression, not attending my children’s needs anymore, feeling if I was to be overstepped day after day then nothing I did was good enough. I felt helpless and void- void of emotion and morals. I then began to ponder ways to kill myself to save my children from such a treacherous, worthless mother I believed I was.

It wasn’t until my great grandmother spoke to me through the storm that snapped me out of a trance-like state, a stagnant emptiness I burrowed myself into. She used my senses as a guide and revealed herself to me through the way her house smelled, randomly placed on my nose, and then her picture suddenly turned on the computer of her and her 4 young girls. It caught my eye from where I was rinsing a bowl in the kitchen sink, the computer resting on the dining room table. I stared deeply at it, my heart swirling with warmth and overwhelming love. I felt the words, “I am here.” I looked away in shock and quickly turned my head back and the computer was once again turned off the way it was before. I realized in that moment she was showing me strength. She became a single mother, too, when my great granddad whom I have never met passed away. What are the odds of such a connection as this? I always felt a strong connection between me and my great grandmother. The whole family did. She was a strong woman who received our love and more so gave her love to everyone. How could we not feel an exceptional bond with her? It just so happens I was going through something similar to her- building a life from the ground up as a single mother, taking on a tragic happening, severing security and familiarity completely to then rise from the ashes, by turning around my perspective and start new. So, she spoke to me and made her presence known in the most loving and uplifting of ways, to aid and guide me on my life mission here on earth as I raise my two young, influential girls.

I didn’t know then, but I was placed into a very important lesson that I needed to learn. Coming out of the dark place I was in and felt chained down into for eternity was but an illusion of my own doing. It took a leap of faith and dedication to the evolution of my self growth and discovery of my truth to get to where I am at this very point in time from which I am typing.  In my life I have given birth to two baby girls, gone through the motions and the pain, and still come out to this conclusion: bettering myself (alongside raising two young girls) is the hardest work I’ve ever experienced! -The most painfully agonizing obstacle I have ever encountered in the 25 years I’ve lived here on earth.

What makes the pain so intense, is along this journey I had to do one thing many, many times- and that is face my ugly truth along with the good.

–    ~~~~    –    ~~~~    –    ~~~~    –    ~~~~    –    ~~~~    –    ~~~~    –    ~~~~    –

There are 5 things on my journey that I found make life easier when facing                                                                      our demons head on:

  1. Quit the blame game. For example: Months after my divorce I would point my opinionated finger at my ex for pretty much his entire existence on this planet. I would sit in stages, yapping my unhinged jaw about all the wrong things he did to make my life a complete misery. I was making sure he would feel the same in turn. I let him take up my entire mind, rattling around the what if’s and why’s and never focusing inward on my own.  I blamed him for my unhappiness and, yes, used my girls as an excuse to push the dagger in a little more and the wool to rest over my eyes and say, look at what you’ve done! But doesn’t it take two to tango? We don’t have to answer that one. We’ll just let it sink in. The scary thing is I didn’t realize what I was doing. It wasn’t until I called bullshit when I saw this wasn’t helping or benefiting me in any way, it was instead plummeting me down to a low where I contemplated suicide. I also had two of my very best friends, both whom I love dearly, cheer me on this new journey (and both still continue to) wholeheartedly in this process of healing. That’s when I grabbed the reigns to my self will and said, okay, I will do whatever it takes to find out the truth of this thing called self love and happiness.  How do I attain it? And that’s when I embarked this ascending journey. Climbing out of the dark and desolate hole, I realized a lot of things: For one, I put myself there. I dug that hole myself with my own two hands. I did the work of getting myself to an all time low in my life. Yes, I acknowledged the things that happened to me and the things that I did, but I took a look not straight at the situation this time like I used to, I brought myself up to an overhead view and looked down. I then asked, Why is it we did the things we did? Why didn’t we communicate efficiently? Why was he distant, and why was I passive aggressive? Why did we stay together for so long? Why did we settle for unhappiness?  -Simply because we chose it. We chose to not take responsibility for our actions and our own lives. We weren’t living, we were just existing. Based upon what? -So we wouldn’t have to face the ugly truth of ourselves, and that we are in complete control of where we are and how we feel. And that is when the destruction came. Because matters weren’t taken back when they should have been, it blew up in our faces. And because we didn’t address the issue in the beginning, that issue being ourselves all along and not the outer force like we assumed, we ran around like chickens with their heads chopped off, around in circles we went never finding a common ground or solution to the misery and madness. I had realized that blaming solved nothing- that the only solution lies in taking responsibility for our own lives and to accept ourselves for who we are, good or bad. And from that point move forward and work inward on finding that happiness and love that we are from within.
  2. Life doesn’t just “happen.”  Have you ever been in a situation where you’re scrambling to make everything perfect, only for something or someone to come along and kick it all up into a giant mess for you to clean up? Yes, we all have. While we are in control of where we are and how we feel in our lives, things still test us. For example: I didn’t have to move back into my parent’s, I could have bounced around, lived on the street, or found some other source of living for me and my girls. I chose to live there. At the time I thought it was my “only” option. Little did I know, this would be the place where I would gain massive soul growth and awakening to my truth of self realization. The struggles and trials I thought that were life attacking me, were actually a blessing in disguise, that then helped me become a better version of myself than I was before; and a better more aware and attentive mother to my children’s needs. I realized that things do indeed happen for a reason, not to attack us or lower us, but to help us grow.
  3. As above, so below. Have you ever caught yourself sitting in thought, eyebrows furrowed, thinking about how someone close to you or that even a complete stranger is preventing you from being happy and succeeding? I’m flailing my arm in the air right now, because I have! On so many occasions I have sat for minutes, hours, even driving in traffic on my way to work, directing my hate onto someone because I feel threatened by them. Thinking to myself, “They think they’re better than me,” to “they are purposefully trying to sabotage my happiness,” to “All they want to do is control and manipulate me!” And while thinking this, feeling certain I am 100% correct and “know all,” I never once go inward and ask myself (saying if all of those assumptions are true) why? Why would I allow someone to have that control over me? Why does it cause me such paranoia and stress? The answer is, because I myself am doing the same exact thing to someone that I am blaming them for. Hello!! That’s a tough pill to swallow. Didn’t I say self growth can be ugly? When we realize that the way we feel about others is actually the way we feel about ourselves, we can then start to address what it is we want to improve in ourselves to sincerely be happy, to send love inward and outward and live our lives successfully. A good friend of mine told me, “the path to healing is placing a mirror in front of you and looking within.”
  4. Send your “brokenness” love. What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is simply seeing the whole picture; seeing reality for what it is, accepting what happens or has happened, sending it compassion and love and then letting it go. Where do you let it go to? That’s up to you. I first acknowledge the pain or the guilt and accept it as a reality, I transmute it with love and then I let it go to God. However your heart tells you and however you best release is up to you. Go within and practice releasing what it is that is surrounding your light with darkness. What I learned in discovering how to truly forgive, is that it is actually more simple than it seems. I made it seem like this challenging conquest that I wasn’t worthy enough to complete. But when I realized all I had to do was be honest with myself, acknowledge what happened and why I feel the way I do (facing myself in that painful mirror)- It was then easier to then view it from the form it once took and then release it into a beautiful butterfly, flapping its wings up and onward. Because life only ever moves forward, we are not our past, unless we choose to be. Let it go, and let it be. Send your brokenness love for the betterment of you.
  5. What are you waiting for? You ARE the light! It is inside of us all- the light we are that is perfect, that is love, that is joy, that is peace, that has been made in its own uniqueness and purpose to shed itself from within and outward to others. In my perspective, that part of us is a part of God, we that which have taken form as a part of him, from him.  Whenever you feel at your all time low, unworthy and unloved, unable to finish the task at hand, or to change that fresh diaper that you just got done strapping onto your unstoppable child, remember who you truly are- who we all are. Remember you are not here to be unhappy, you are here for a much greater purpose- a purpose that is yours alone. You are here for a reason. For your children if you have them, and to shed your light to others so that it may uplift and enlighten those who are on the receiving end- Knowing this helps give us the hope we need to press on and look within- because within, there is light, that can be used as a guide in the darkness.

Ask yourself something today, just because you can. Ask yourself, What is it I have to offer in this life? — What we tend to forget is we are not slaves: to people or to the societal system. We are all our own bosses. We are the governors of our lives. And we ALL have a unique beautiful purpose here.

I hope that this helped you in any way gain confidence, clarity, a sense that you are never alone and strength for the time you are in.

I love you all,






“Emanated Exposure”

Harvest Moon by goldleaf09

It flowed inside my ear,

Smooth and warm,

And my heart opened its

Tattered mouth to swallow

It quite contently.

For, it was perfect, you see,

I could feel the passion

Ripple out of your words-

Vibrating through my being,

Watering the wounds

Etched inside my soul.

Oh, how the moonlight danced about you-

How it reflected off of your skin

So beautifully. 

The energy that engrossed me

Through your palms

Pleaded to me,

 Calling to my tired heart,

“Can’t you see me standing here?

Are you awake in there, my Love?”

Heightened senses

I had become,

At which brought upon us

A silent hymn,

Brightening up the moonlit sky.

Your soul bled with sincerity,

And caused me to surrender

With swift and

Effortless grace.

By: Rebekah Turney

(Harvest Moon Image by goldleaf09)

Reality Check

Today I caught myself experiencing a feeling of being lost.I felt I was grabbing onto things outside of me too tightly, and any sort of abrupt change would be able to tackle my spirits to the ground. I’ve created a sort of disconnection today- I’ve adopted characteristics that I loath. Out of guilt? Maybe so I could take off responsibility of my emotions, my truth and my actions? Yes- I am acting in the exact sort of way I express to others that I don’t want to be.

Why is that?

Let me answer the question we all know deep down inside that annoying heart place of ours: Because I am making that sort of behavior I “loath” my main focus.  In doing so I am not being true to myself, not expressing who I really am and not living by all that I’ve learned and experienced this far.

What I need is the proper BALANCE  and proper FOCUS. How do I accomplish that?

So, now I will pull up the courage to give myself some positive affirmations.

What?? I have to encourage myself? Is that even possible when I feel so shitty?

The answer is: YES. These are all ramblings going on in my head whilst I battle this issue. Does it sound the slightest bit familiar to you?

Here I go: I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am talented. I am capable. I am on my own life mission and no one else is on it. I am where i am for a reason- for soul growth and my own personal human experience. I am not on anyone else’s journey but my own. Compassion isn’t weakness, it’s a blessing. Love isn’t a weakness, it heals, it is what we all are in our true form.

One major thing that brings us down is FAILURE. We as people have labeled failure and describe it as such a loss in our lives, a defeated end to whatever it is we are going after that doesn’t work out for us at that time- when in actuality, something not working out for us at a particular time, is actually a door opening to us that is full of possibilities. It’s the chance to practice, to try again, to learn and to grow, which is what life is about.

So, why do we cast our responsibilities onto others? Why do we blame them for the way we feel? Why are we placing a feeling inside of us into another person’s lap and calling it their’s? For example: saying to oneself, “I feel like complete shit.” Then trying to figure out why, you then appoint the blame. ” Oh, yeah, this person wants me to feel this way, they are the reason I have this nasty feeling inside of my gut.”

Now take a step back and reread that.

Why would anyone else be responsible for that feeling you put there yourself? Did that person you put blame on conjure up a spell placing it inside of you to feel? The answer is: NO. You created it.  Key word: CREATE. We are creators of the life we live in. We create our moods, we choose what to feel and how it affects us- We choose to live in sorrow or to live in peace.

What stops us from taking responsibility for ourselves?


What is fear? (as found on google dictionary): “An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or threat.”

Key word: BELIEF.

We are afraid to face ourselves- we are afraid to see the bare naked, beautifully honest face of our raw authentic soul- To take control of the power we already attain within us.

In this we create a delusional reality that makes no sense, and serves us no purpose. We make ourselves believe this lie so that we do not have to face what is actually going on in the present moment. We are the ultimate creator of our own lives. We control every action we make in life. But yet we cast our responsibilities so blindly- How dare us! The devil didn’t whisper in my ear and tell me do it, my brain did- and I choose whether or not to change my thoughts to better my life.

If we do not believe we are worthy, beautiful and talented beings, then seeking others’ approval will never completely fill in that belief for ourselves- it will never seem real enough to where we feel whole. So, when we only depend on others’, we keep siphoning approval over and over for the rest of our days, never truly getting to experience the total ecstasy of true love that we already attain within ourselves- Never seeing that gorgeous, honest face that is us, and is with us from first breath to last, and so on before and after the first and last breath of this life that happened.

Our soul is eternal. There is no other way to describe us: we are our own unique spirit/soul/being, just in a temporary physical body.

Question Yourself:

  • Am I blaming others for my responsibilities? (being actions and feelings)
  • Now, if so, why am I doing that?
  • Is it ever okay to blame others with a grudge, hate or anger?
  • Does that help me better myself?
  • What does help me better myself?
  • How can I be happy? – Is that possible?

The answer is, Yes. Answer those questions you asked yourself. Does any of it put you above others, hold anger or resentment, pain, anguish or suffering?

If so, you need to face yourself and get to know your truth. What does your soul look like? -And how beautiful would that be for you to share it with the world .

The approval we daydream about getting from others is already true!! We know it. Our soul is bringing it up to us because we are in need of healing- we know that, that part of us that is broken needs nurturing. But what happens? We cast if off again to be someone else’s responsibility as well!

That feeling, that truth is inside of us, it is us. We just need to open our stubborn ungrateful arms and embrace its magnificent beauty that is already is.

The reason someone can have such a huge affect on the way we feel, is that we rely on them completely instead of ourselves. Which is why we get our feelings hurt so badly by another person.

  1. For one: they aren’t giving us the positive affirmations that we need to be giving ourselves.
  2. And two: How their actions make us feel is a reflection of our self.

Like I said before, they didn’t put that feeling in us- that feeling was summoned up from our truth box; our inner being; our light- to help us on our way to healing and seeing our truth, our reality.

We may not know how to deal with the truth, because we become so used to taking that positive energy from other people, and not putting the effort into creating our own. But the fact is, no one can make us whole, but ourselves- Because we are ourselves and no one else.

To call someone good or bad is irrelevant-

-Like Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

To place judgement on others for who they are and how they live their life is also irrelevant.

-Like Jesus said, “To those who have not sinned, cast the first stone.” and they all dropped their stones to the floor.

We are all on our own journey, and not all of us are on the same level as the other. In knowing this we must respect that fact and do what we came here to do. That is to live our truth, and in that, inspire and uplift others around the world. We are all placed here for a reason, which is our own.

I hope that this resonated with you.

Enjoy your life and strive to be your best, keep learning and growing.

All my love sent your way,

❤ Rebekah ❤




“The Flesh and the Spirit’s Dance”

Pounding on the ground,
My feet that run-
They follow the path of hidden light
And beat against the drum. 

I catch a glimpse of the road's end,
Beautiful death that beckons me-
A door so firm,
That stands of solid oak and ivy-
It whispers 
Calling to me sweetly.

I taste the dirt 
That drifts to my tongue,
Which sifts amongst the jostled trail-
Richer as I travel near. 

Foot prints surround the floor.
I recognize them 
As they lead me to the illuminating door. 
Placed in all directions;
In indecisive patterns,
It seems that I've been here before.

Mischievous vines entrap its prey-
How their thorns dig deep 
Into my skin, 
Scolding me with familiar words. 
Reeling in until I start to bend. 

And then a thump 
Of that bold sound,
Comes thundering through me 
Like a drum.
My feet begin to pound
As I rip the venomous vines free,

Tethered no more to the depths of me.  
I plunge forth at last,
The knob lie cold beneath my hand.
I give a turn
And let the light consume my darkest wounds,
That then eliminate their constant fright.

By: Rebekah Turney

“Who We Are”

We’ve traveled far

Through many stars.

We know their names

And exactly who we are.

Though we may not know

At this moment-

Though we’ve not known

Through all our years

In this embodiment,

We hold the key

To unlock it.

It’s the most grand

Of all things to know-

Who we are exactly,

And which stars we’ve

Sought past as we go.

By: Rebekah Turney

Death and Rebirth


          Image:             It has been from quite a young age that I would dream of death and rebirth. It wasn’t always a good experience, and not always a bad one either. My reoccurring dream has 3 main things that happen: Disaster, ascension from our physical bodies, and rebirth in spirit form.                                     How each dream would start off is, it was a normal day. The world got along as it usually does, everyone about their own business. I could feel myself walking and my foot steps treading on the ground. Then an ugly feeling would come over me, a knowing of what was to come. The earth would begin to break apart, fire fell from the sky, humongous waves of water crashed over the land, tornadoes swarmed the earth uprooting everything from the ground, people became inhumane and dangerous running about the streets mad and out of control. And in each dream I find myself in like this, there is always this transporting pod waiting for me to climb into. I knew it was only for me and no one else could use it. It would take me off of this planet, or just simply away from here. It so happens that the pod has only ever worked once. Every other dream I can never get the damn pod off of the ground. But it is always there waiting for me to climb into and fly away to a place I have no clue of. I am guessung lack of faith in the pod working is why it only ever made it off of the earth once. And I don’t trust it. The one and only time it took me off of this planet, it took me to heaven and I was not allowed in. What a waste of a trip!

      Now back to the pod.  I figure this is the ascension from physical body aspect; in other words dying. So there was disaster and now death while entering this pod.

      For every time I would not make it off of earth I would see how everything changes after we all die. The earth that was ugly and in ruin becomes beautiful and radiant, filled with happy, loving, interactive people. It looks better than at the beginning of the dream, right before the chaos happens when all was normal and we went about our usual daily lives. There is more life, color and joy at the rising after death- There seems to be a purpose. This occurance I assume resembles “rebirth.”

      While I sit in thought I ponder another explanation as to why I have these dreams-

      Are these dreams I have had for many years of my life my natural instinct to run away from the death of old beliefs and ways of life that deep down I know do not serve me? Is me climbing into the pod running away? And when the one time I left this earth and made it to heaven where its judgmental flashy doors remained closed and unmovable (purely the feeling they gave off), not letting me in to what I believed was eternal sanctuary, was that me chasing old, strict beliefs- the ones that I knew did not serve me? Was my soul, and is my soul still trying to reveal to me the truth of who I am? Have I subconsciously been preparing myself all this time while in dream state, that the only way I and we as people can be free and who we truly are to become is through death and rebirth? – That we are to let go of our old ways that do not serve us- that do no good for us, and to surrender the parts of us that our minds have told us who we should be, who society wants us to be. This resulting in us becoming, or being “rebirthed,” into who we truly are. Basically the act of following our hearts and doing what feels right.
      Like how when I was unable to leave earth in my pod, when I stayed till all died and tragically ended, new life was reborn. Beauty blossomed and people walked around joyously and harmoniously!
      As I sit here and write this out today, I have come to this incredible realization-
      Life is wonderful, and how beautiful and important the evolution of one’s soul truly is.

      So, maybe that is what those dreams mean. I know that I felt a fire burn in my heart, shouting “yes!”when I suddenly came upon this realization. The freeing thing is, I am okay with that.

      By: Rebekah Turney