Death and Rebirth


          Image:             It has been from quite a young age that I would dream of death and rebirth. It wasn’t always a good experience, and not always a bad one either. My reoccurring dream has 3 main things that happen: Disaster, ascension from our physical bodies, and rebirth in spirit form.                                     How each dream would start off is, it was a normal day. The world got along as it usually does, everyone about their own business. I could feel myself walking and my foot steps treading on the ground. Then an ugly feeling would come over me, a knowing of what was to come. The earth would begin to break apart, fire fell from the sky, humongous waves of water crashed over the land, tornadoes swarmed the earth uprooting everything from the ground, people became inhumane and dangerous running about the streets mad and out of control. And in each dream I find myself in like this, there is always this transporting pod waiting for me to climb into. I knew it was only for me and no one else could use it. It would take me off of this planet, or just simply away from here. It so happens that the pod has only ever worked once. Every other dream I can never get the damn pod off of the ground. But it is always there waiting for me to climb into and fly away to a place I have no clue of. I am guessung lack of faith in the pod working is why it only ever made it off of the earth once. And I don’t trust it. The one and only time it took me off of this planet, it took me to heaven and I was not allowed in. What a waste of a trip!

      Now back to the pod.  I figure this is the ascension from physical body aspect; in other words dying. So there was disaster and now death while entering this pod.

      For every time I would not make it off of earth I would see how everything changes after we all die. The earth that was ugly and in ruin becomes beautiful and radiant, filled with happy, loving, interactive people. It looks better than at the beginning of the dream, right before the chaos happens when all was normal and we went about our usual daily lives. There is more life, color and joy at the rising after death- There seems to be a purpose. This occurance I assume resembles “rebirth.”

      While I sit in thought I ponder another explanation as to why I have these dreams-

      Are these dreams I have had for many years of my life my natural instinct to run away from the death of old beliefs and ways of life that deep down I know do not serve me? Is me climbing into the pod running away? And when the one time I left this earth and made it to heaven where its judgmental flashy doors remained closed and unmovable (purely the feeling they gave off), not letting me in to what I believed was eternal sanctuary, was that me chasing old, strict beliefs- the ones that I knew did not serve me? Was my soul, and is my soul still trying to reveal to me the truth of who I am? Have I subconsciously been preparing myself all this time while in dream state, that the only way I and we as people can be free and who we truly are to become is through death and rebirth? – That we are to let go of our old ways that do not serve us- that do no good for us, and to surrender the parts of us that our minds have told us who we should be, who society wants us to be. This resulting in us becoming, or being “rebirthed,” into who we truly are. Basically the act of following our hearts and doing what feels right.
      Like how when I was unable to leave earth in my pod, when I stayed till all died and tragically ended, new life was reborn. Beauty blossomed and people walked around joyously and harmoniously!
      As I sit here and write this out today, I have come to this incredible realization-
      Life is wonderful, and how beautiful and important the evolution of one’s soul truly is.

      So, maybe that is what those dreams mean. I know that I felt a fire burn in my heart, shouting “yes!”when I suddenly came upon this realization. The freeing thing is, I am okay with that.

      By: Rebekah Turney

My Peculiar Dream


I felt invisible eyes following my every movement while I stepped into the unknown. Fear coursed through my body as I observed where I was and where I was going. I was in a vast, endless elevator and I felt very protective. Then I realized the presence of my 4 year old daughter was with me. We were descending down from a very high level. What I had gathered, was that we were coming down from higher dimensions or realms to the 3rd dimension, back into our waking bodies. I recall exiting many floors before, and now exiting onto another one. My daughter and I looked as the elevator doors opened. It was a large and spacious darkened room made of white marble stone. We stepped onto a narrow walkway with a drop off on both sides, It looked dark and endless. The walk way led to a broader part of the room. You could see the glint of the stone and how it shined as if there was a moon above reflecting off of it. The doors to the elevator instantly closed behind us and my heart pounded in panic, feeling trapped and afraid. My daughter wept, as I wept in silence as well. I saw a light to another elevator to my right as someone else got off. They stood there seeming to just stare and observe where they were. I tried calling but felt I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear me. They turned around and continued their own mission in the elevator they traveled on. Silence became almost louder than noise itself. I felt dread and that I was forever lost until the elevator doors opened behind me. I sprinted inside of and clung to the light that now surrounded me. Finally making it down to earth I exited the elevator onto a large land of dry dusty dirt. I somehow knew my truck was there waiting for me. “Where did my daughter go?” I thought to myself. I walked up to the truck to climb in and take us home, but behind the driver’s seat was a huge wonky eyed chicken sitting in my daughter’s car seat. I cried for an answer as to what this meant, what was going on- I then thought to myself, “How am I to go home without getting pecked to death by this chicken with a large pointy beak?” All of a sudden I became aware that this chicken would not harm me.
Then I woke up.

By: Rebekah Turney