She Loves Gerber Daisies

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He told me Gerber Daisies.

And I held onto it,

As I listened to him speak with ready warmth.

And after the loud silence.

Always noise,

Even when you turn off the sound.

Static hum-

It wasn’t just the thoughts.

He said they are her favorite flower,

But she owns everything she’ll ever need.

It’s as if Im unable to reach them-

Those supple, vibrant, organic beings,

Bursting in colorful bloom,

So similar.

Can’t reach them,

Like how I can’t reach me.

The earth keeps spinning.

I rewind your years,

And picture you like my young.

I see the decay at the table where we feast,

Lines growing on your face.

And how your agile feet fell down

Against the springy bed of black,

Tall feet,

Like my own-

Your bare ankles in high waters.

Moments always slipping,

Like petals to butterflies.

Your smile with laughter

Slips like a water faucet

Between your confident teeth.

It flows,

It knows, and releases

Soothing words cutting warm butter.


Like behind cats’ ears.

They flow through the blood stream like maps

To all the pieces of my puzzled years-

Unsolved cases of the heart.

Her favorite flower

Is Gerber daisy,

And it consumes

Me like everything has

And everyone.

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