“Journey To The Leaf”

I see you-

Your eyes extending out to see

Who stalls your journey to the leaf.

But you stretch your neck up to speak.

With ears I cannot hear,

But feel your curious words.

My legs mindlessly quick in stride.

As thoughts leave me-

To look where clumsy feet press against ground.

And you slowly slide on a blade of grass,

Like you’ve reached the peak of your

Next mountain to climb.

I hear the crunch beneath my shoes

And jump away in startling pause.

You know as well as I,

And read the sorrow of my face.

Run, feet carrying in caution now,

And take the sage off of my supple plant

And bring it back to you.

For now you eat,

And I do not know what will come of you.

You see me

As I walk away.

A snail of today,

That may not be tomorrow.

IMAGE BY: stocksy.com

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