Behind the Glass

“Enjoying the Pleasures of the Night” painting by: Fabian Perez
poem by: Bekah Turney

Chumming it up with old friends,
They sit inside behind the glass,
Whiskey shots to tie loose ends.
Throwing money around
To pay their unintended tabs.

Throwing it all down,
Down the pipe, let’s raise a glass.
More for the broken hearted,
‘Cause the pain of life ain’t like a flask
We hide inside our bags.

I sit out here looking in,
Hand on the cold black tabletop,
Dark as the night that invites me in.
Loud silence.
Swelling smiles reflect off lights in your cacoon.
Refounding hearts that speak
And give no sound.

Bitter drips off of your lips
That speak for what is misconstrued.
‘Cause the soul can’t put at stake
The pain we dread to feel,
And force the beaming upward grin
To blind us from what’s real.

So I raise my watered whiskey
To sing the tune of life that tries
And pulls us to our ends.
The song of what we all endure,
The endless rattling cage,
Spilling our cups out of
Rusty cells we build
With intent to keep it hidden
In this ever spinning wheel.