I’m Glad

Smile fleeting on your face.
I blew your dandelion
And you drift away with ease.

And I’m glad-

The part where I change.
Even if it makes my turning heart
Even if my tears run hot,
And confusion makes me mad.

Your hand is giddy, wave good bye,
Say good morning
As I stir, the creator in me,
And cry.

And I’m glad-

The part of me I know is real,
Even if the curdles tell,
The rot of passing what is old,
Even if new times arise
And push me to prevail,

I’m glad.

Care For Me

"Rays Light Shine," Image by: Shuttershock- Banana Republic images

Written by Bekah Turney.

A picture fades
As the embers do- 
Light to my soul. 
My hands twist through the pine
That tremble,
Reaching for the sun. 

Truth be out,
truth be told,
Whilst I break the branches
I tie into knots.
Care for me
As vast as the sea,
Care for me. 
Fill my inner essence,
My whole being. 

I see you,
Those green eyes I hold in my tingling hands.
And cup the stars that shine through them.
Sliding down my throat, 
I take in the man I see
Through lies to ourselves we tell,
To the soul that cries 
And sings sweet whispers
In my ears, 
Down to the vibrating embers 
Where death draws near. 

Gentle breath 
That blows and glows-
Your song that breaks 
The pathway to the sun, 
Mirroring to me
The things so easily seen,
Where the rich warmth of recognition
Reaches down 
To touch my buried soul-
A pathway for the ray of light 
To march to places most feared
And rarely told.