I am nobody, who are you?

There are too many requirements to breathe- to survive. They say this is the land of the free, a great place to thrive, while us bottom feeders born with no “legacy” scrape to live- scrape to devour the wisdom we yearn, with nothing much left but our dignity to give. You spin us a web, a road map to success, and the moment we tread the thread , we stick, and watch as the hunter comes in to feast it’s prey, without a shying glimpse. Success can definitely be possible, no doubt that things can always pan out, with the right frame of mind and the drive behind.. But we are not made of metal hinged together by the ideas of another man, we are creation we are creator we are of our own accord. We are wholeness, but we categorize like we have that right on each other. Delusional society. Lies after lies fed from one parent to their babe for years and possibly many more to come. Lesser, greater, bullshit that separates the soul from it true nature. It’s purpose to fulfil. I break the chain that grips my ankles grinding horns onto my bones from tug and pull. I break free and become no-one, no longer a part of the system we’ve learned to cling to blindly.

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