Letter to my Beloved

Let the pages turn.

Let the wind that always billows in

Blow them over.

You don’t need to pull them back to where they were.

The pages turn, so write anew.

Write your story from where you are

And plant the seed that soaks the morning dew.

A new dawn to feed the flower meant to blossom-

To grow at your expense

And for everyone else’s.

Let the water drip from your blooming pedals,

Down to the collective waters.

Watch it ripple,

Watch it go-

Far reaching as it flows.

Always moving, changing,

Fluidly it’s body travels to souls on going-

Down the road,

The many paths that many go,

Their own.

Webs of you trickle down to help the souls in need.

Let the bloom extent it’s hues of love we yearn-

The love you learn as you grow.

❤Bekah Turney

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