My Peculiar Dream #2


I was among people that came and went. There weren’t any in particular I knew or payed much attention to as we went in passing. The building I roamed about in was dim, cold and wet. There were dark areas in many places. I could tell it was night outside as I looked out a nearby window. Everything seemed to flow in a cycle- it always does. I had a feeling of familiarity when it came to what I was doing, how and where I walked about, like muscle memory. I knew in a sense I was dreaming as I picked up on familiar dream patterns I have, knowing of what is supposed to or what is to certainly happen.  This made me ready to change my rhythm, to move in a different way. I looked around and recognized the room I was in was quite large with many random stairs and isles to walk through. The ceiling was very tall with not much light. I looked at the door to the room that was closed and I felt something grow closer and closer to it. I got the feeling of a ravenous presence grew more and more as I inched closer to the door. It felt familiar and not enough to pinpoint, but I knew who this presence was. It held a rage that boiled and spilled over the closer it got to its target – me. My hand was now on the knob of the door. I knew if I opened it up I could possibly be eaten alive or this thing could be consoled by my love and guided to the light.

I turned the knob with optimism, my expectations high, well aware of the possibilities. But I loved this dangerous creature. I felt care for it deep in my heart, so I pursued. Crisp cold air rushed in and prickled my skin as I stared into a pitch dark hallway. I was chilled with anticipation as the uncontrollable force boiled over in the near distance. I knew it was staring at me. It plunged out of nothing into the dim light of the room I was in as I quickly dodged it. Speedily it barreled in and lost balance hitting a wall. It was a lion. Big, hungry and ready to take apart anything in its path, and me as its main target. But I knew it was time to face this beast instead of hide. But to have a chance to calm this beast I had to survive, so I created a diversion as we ran through the building. I tried to not let my fear overtake my compassion as the lion ripped through to its kill. I told it, “You don’t have to do this, you can stop this.” But we continued as we made our way out into the streets of the town. The lion bounced and plummeted through cars and wooden stands, and followed me into a home with a long windy hallway. I climbed to the top of the stairs and reached the last room of the house. I truly feared my life at this point, for the lion was still after me with nothing to lose. I looked at the window to my right and quickly opened it. I was ready for the escape as if it was already set in stone. The wind flowed in and blew the curtains around me as I looked back to see the lion creep itself into the room. I was ready to jump but caught sight of the lions eyes. Their familiar essence paralyzed me. My fright that I felt had overtaken me began to vanish and I slowly walked away from the windows ledge to face this beast. I could feel it battle its uncontrollable rage as it saw my pure love flow into its eyes. Its need to devour subsided as I gently touched its face, my fingers intertwined in its mane.

I drew my face closer to speak to it clearly, “I love you. You are me. I accept you. It is okay.” I spoke this to it through my eyes with no words. Its body and energy shifted, and its eyes softened in surrender. I brushed my hands along its back, calming any remaining nerves that were on edge. “Let’s ride together,” I said in my mind. I felt the lion agree, so I climbed on and we began to ride. Down the stairs and to the street. The dark of the night began to lighten into day. We were one and we loved each other for who we truly were.


Thank you for reading and experiencing such an amazing dream I had. If you don’t already, pay attention to your dreams and write them down. As they may be telling you something important to heal the wounds inside of  you. My love to you all!!

❤ Bekah.

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