“Emanated Exposure”

Harvest Moon by goldleaf09

It flowed inside my ear,

Smooth and warm,

And my heart opened its

Tattered mouth to swallow

It quite contently.

For, it was perfect, you see,

I could feel the passion

Ripple out of your words-

Vibrating through my being,

Watering the wounds

Etched inside my soul.

Oh, how the moonlight danced about you-

How it reflected off of your skin

So beautifully. 

The energy that engrossed me

Through your palms

Pleaded to me,

 Calling to my tired heart,

“Can’t you see me standing here?

Are you awake in there, my Love?”

Heightened senses

I had become,

At which brought upon us

A silent hymn,

Brightening up the moonlit sky.

Your soul bled with sincerity,

And caused me to surrender

With swift and

Effortless grace.

By: Rebekah Turney

(Harvest Moon Image by goldleaf09)

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